About Lionize Leonberger and Russian Toys

Last updated 8th January 2023 – see our current litter on our Litters – Puppies for Sale page

About Lionize

We are a small hobby breeder of Leonbergers and Russian Toys based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We have been a Kennel Club Assured Breeder since 2013 advertising our Kennel Club registered puppies either on our Litters page, or the Kennel Club Find  A Puppy service.

We started out on our hobby breeding journey with our first litter of Leonbergers from Buddy (Kjalarnes Venturer) and Summer (Kumamatata Fantasy). Buddy was our first Leonberger and from the moment we got him he added nothing but joy to our lives.

From that moment on we just knew that we had to try and breed from him one day. We have since added Poppy (Lionize Abina’s Fantasy) to our gang, a lovely girl that we bred from Buddy and Summer. Poppy has since had a daughter, Harley, with the kind assistance of Shreddie (Vannroy Knitted By Nannas), owned by Glenda Smith of Vannroy Leonbergers

Our most recent addition is our future stud boy Digby who joins us from Hungary. First and foremost all of these gentle giants are our companions and family pets, living with us in our home.

In 2016 we have decided to add another breed to our home. We fell in love with the Russian Toy after doing a lot of research and talking to people associated with the Russian Toy Breed Club UK. We decided that this small dog, with a huge personality, would fit into our lives perfectly.

The Russian Toy was officially recognised by the Kennel Club on the 1st July 2017, and now we are taking an active role in the development of the breed in the UK. Winnie, Odin and Maddie make up our Russian Toy clan, whose pages can be seen under our Russian Toy section.

If you have any questions, or wish to arrange to talk about our dogs then please feel free to get in touch. You can do this in many ways, all of which are listed on our  ‘Contact Us‘ page.

We hope that you enjoy our new look website and hope that we speak to you very soon.

Best Wishes

Wendy x

Kennel Club Assured Breeder Status